Lattitude Productions

Lattitude Productions produces high quality, innovative training DVD’s and safety training material.

Over the years, the team have worked with Ken on a number of projects, culminating in the renowned Hindsight – The Ken Woodward Story and Lessons From A Blind School.

You’ll find the full range of their programmes available on their website, along with full video previews.

To find out more please call Rob Coyle on +44 (0)1435 831500 or visit

Lattitude Safety Limited

Lattitude Safety Limited is a leading safety consultancy with perhaps the most sought after Behavioural Safety specialists in the country, Martin Woodall, Peter Owen and Richard Davison.

Ken worked closely with Martin following his accident to implement a Zero Accident Behaviours programme at CocaCola Enterprises – changing the way people thought about and treated safety within the business.

To find out more please call Martin Woodall on +44 (0)1435 831500 or visit